Girls just wanna have fun!

With a little bit of adventure and great friends thrown into the mix!

Time waits for no man, and it certainly doesn’t wait for women either. You know that feeling when you say to your friends ‘we must do this again soon’, but then you never get around to it? Yeah, of course you do, we all do. You think about it, you talk about it, but actually doing it…

Well I’m here to help. My name is Janis, and I’m on a mission to help you create unforgettable memories and experiences to cherish for a lifetime.


Get The Girls Together handpicks unique experiences here in Scotland, bringing fun, friendship and adventure into your everyday life! There are many reasons to get together… a special birthday, mum’s & daughters, Mother’s Day, a hen party, a girl’s day out, a girlie weekend, realising dreams or tick something of the bucket list… girl, we don’t even NEED a reason!

So kiss goodbye to the Bridget Jones in your life and make room for Wonder Woman. Take the first step into girly-geddon and remember that all the best memories are shared together

Life is an adventureExperience as much as you can. Choose moments not things. Create unforgettable memories. Nurture friendships. Have fun.

What will YOU do..?


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